About my artistic photo-work in general

All what counts in visual arts is the image, no matter if it’s two or three-dimensional. My aim is to show photo-based images. Works, which mainly have been created with means of a camera, sometimes pushed a bit by another photographic or digitally based process. Not to alter but to adapt them to my ideas about what I see and what I want to show as a research for obvious secrets. Leaving spaces for the spectator’s manner of finding his own way to enter into possible narrations.

One does not take photos but makes them”. Each image should give hints to create stories in their specific or abstract kind. It is part of an artistic research of “what holds the world together at its core”.

So one can see different layers of realities in each picture I show. No illustration or explication. You can read them in various manners. As a reflection of the producer and the spectator or if you like, just as a beautiful, attracting, maybe mysterious appearance. As a representation of what is to be seen in a different way by anybody or as an abstract version, a game with form and colour. Let flow the glances over the image to discover or to resolve.

In the first place all these photo-images seem to show the world, but they are artificial, chosen, manipulated in many different ways. Centring, light or darkness, parts could have been erased or could have been manipulated to strengthen a statement. Appearance and reality and also beauty are connected with each other. Related to all that, I am using photography in a classic way but try to go further in my interpretations with this kind of narrative photography. Showing sights not to be seen without imagination. Subtle and evident.

Urban landscapes and that kind of nature, which surrounds us are my favourite objects. If the location is recognized it’s fine but not the aim. It doesn’t matter, where they have been taken nor how. They are not documentary. Creating shapes in colour and black and white of the world to be seen and felt. The photos don’t have titles but marks like ”s1” or “ul1”. The eyes are supposed to voyage over and in the picture, from one discovered point to another and back.