Born in Aschaffenburg/Germany, sociologist, journalist, curator, photographer. Lives and works in Brussels/Belgium.

1981 – 1985 associate of a studio for publicity photography, Düsseldorf/D

1984 “Real Cars“, personnel exhibition, Galerie Pepita, Kassel/D

1987 “End of an era“, personnel exhibition, Galerie Malheur, Berlin/D

1989 “End of an era II“, personnel exhibition, Foto-Herbst Bochum/D

1990 “Bochumer Künstler“, group exhibition, Museum Bochum/D

1992 “Niederrhein, Teil meiner selbst“, book publishing

1999 foundation of a gallery of contemporary art „l’USINE GALERIE“, Bruxelles/B

2003 “images against war“, group exhibition, Galerie Lichtblick, Köln/D et al

2004 “art of destruction“, group exhibition, l’USINE GALERIE, Bruxelles/B

           curator + editor photo-exhibition at Goethe-Institut Brussels/B

2005 photos + catalogue “Andrea Morein/Rivka Rinn” at Goethe-Institut Brussels/B

2007 – 2008 Reviewer at Rhubarb-Rhubarb Photo-festival, Birmingham/GB

2013 “Il N’YA PAS DE SECRET”, group exhibition at SECONDroom, co-curator, Antwerpen/B

2015 “OLD SONGS NEW SONGS”, Galerie Deviation(s), curator, Antwerpen/B

2016 Pixelprojekt Ruhrgebiet, group exhibition, Gelsenkirchen/D